Fly Airlink - Freedom of the African Sky

Mission Statement

  • Airlink operates as a Regional Feeder Airline System which is a component of a large composite Network Airline Transportation System that includes the component systems of South African Airways and South African Express Airways. The interrelationship of the component airlines is styled the "Alliance".

  • Airlink operates as a franchisee of South African Airways using its own visible brand intellectual property.

  • We are committed to the optimisation of regional air transportation by providing exceptional quality service to all our passengers.

  • We are committed to providing seamless interline connections with our partner flights around the world, in particular, linking smaller communities to the major hubs of commerce and industry.

  • Punctuality is our most important service delivery criteria.

  • To realise our vision of an extensive network spanning many regional capitals, smaller communities and major cities, we will work together with our alliance partners.

  • We are driven by the needs and feelings of our passengers and will keep on refining our service to their satisfaction.

  • We will set benchmarks in safety, on-time performance and reliability through professionalism and enhanced productivity.

  • We never lose sight of the importance of our profitability and will do what needs to be done to optimise viability and create wealth for all our stakeholders.

  • We are determined to remain South Africa´s leading Regional Feeder Airline. We aspire to being a role model to the industry.